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It was probably a freak thing more than the actual effects of this, but I had once tried to read any words I saw while awake, and since I did it frequently I had tons of aware dreams, even if they weren't fully 'Lucid'


That’s a fascinating way to become lucid. If you were more conscious about your intentions, you could easily have plenty of lucids.

Hello! I went through about all of your posts and yeah. So, I've never tried lucid dreaming at all. And I'm very scared.. yet excited because of all I read from this blog! Anyways, where do you wake up when you're lucid dreaming? Do you wake up in your bedroom where you slept? or a different place? Great blog <3 :)


You wake up in your dream! Sometimes it can be in your bedroom, but often it’s in the dream you were just having. Don’t be frightened, it’s safe and lots of fun :)

Why lucid dream?



10 reasons to start lucid dreaming:

1. You can do things that you simply cannot do in waking life. You can fly, you can have super powers, you can walk through walls. You can really do anything you can think of!

2. You can go on wild, mind blowing adventures. Your subconscious has no end to its creativity and weirdness. You can conjure up your own adventures or go along with what the dream creates for you.

3. You can experience what it is like to be different people. You can become anyone you want and live their lives. This is often a rather enlightening and interesting experience.

4. You can fulfill certain fantasies that you can’t in real life. Whether that involves other people or anything at all, you can live out these fantasies without real life consequences.

5. Self exploration is a fascinating aspect of lucid dreaming. You can interpret dreams while you are in them. Ask questions about yourself and ask for advice. Your subconscious mind is much more honest and much more powerful than your conscious mind. Often you can learn a lot about yourself by interacting with it.

6. Lucid dreaming can also be used in a creative sense. You can view paintings you can paint when awake, hear music you can write or even meet characters for your next story.

7. You can often find profound wisdom within dreams. There are some theories that state that the subconscious mind is connected with something a lot larger than just you. I have personally found this to be the case. You can delve very deep into yourself and beyond and get wise answers and advice. 

8. Due to the lack of rules within dreams you can experience almost any concept. This could include something you are studying in school that has been tripping you up. You can use lucid dreams to interact with concepts and visualize them in a new and fascinating way. You can also experience spiritual concepts or learn about how your own mind works.

9. Lucid dreaming can teach you a lot about the subconscious itself. By exploring it and interacting with it you learn about a whole other aspect to your mind that you don’t often get to experience. This is enlightening in the fact that you can work with your subconscious rather than against it in your every day life.

10. The average person spends 1/3 of their lives sleeping. Reclaim those hours by taking up this night time hobby!

You can learn how to have your first lucid dream by checking out my ebook here!

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Have your first lucid dream

Hi everyone,

Just letting you know that I’ve released an ebook about having your first lucid dream.

You can check it out here.


The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water.

Sigmund Freud  (via psych-facts)

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Source:  Shaw, Tucker. 2000. Dreams. New York.


Source:  Shaw, Tucker. 2000. Dreams. New York.

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I had a dream last night and in it I began to question if it was a dream or not, I did a reality check by looking at my hands but they looked fine. Why didn't the reality check work?


Reality checks are about questioning your environment. When you perform them during the day, it’s not about your hands, it’s about pausing and questioning reality. Really stop and linger on the question “Am I dreaming?” It needs to be a very conscious moment.

You should also make your hands into a dream sign. So if they appear in your dream, you realize you are dreaming, either by a trigger or by questioning your environment once more.

It’s all about transferring conscious awareness into the unconscious dream state. So your reality checks cannot be unconscious and rushed, or they will be ineffective.

Good luck!

I've recently just gotten interested in the concept of dreams,it's such a fascinating experience! Anyways,a couple of nights ago i was lucid dreaming,and i tried to make some people that were in the dream yet,appear in it. I really wanted them to appear but they didn't! If it helps,i talked in my head when i asked to make them appear,but nothing happened, so i decided to just wander around instead. Is there anyway to make them appear?


Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to get people to appear.

Your expectations are very important. If you expect them to appear they will. So remain positive and don’t doubt your intentions.

You could also talk aloud to the dream and ask for the people to appear or ask for them to be somewhere when you go there.

Good luck!

When you lucid dream, are you creating your own dream? Or are you wandering around having an out of body experience? Or are those two different things? o:


Some people believe both possibilities. I personally think that it’s a dream that is created by your subconscious, but that our subconscious is connected to something larger than us. Something wiser. I’m not sure what exactly, Robert Waggoner has some interesting ideas on it in his book “Lucid Dreaming - Gateway to the Inner Self”.

Out of body experiences are quite a bit different. I’ve sort of experienced a few, but not to the extent of others. I think lucid dreaming is definitely a gateway into out of body experiences.

okay so yesterday my friend and I saw a lucid dreaming step by step instruction post and we tried it. But we got into sleep paralysis where we couldn't move and there was weight on your body its just we didn't know how to start the dream. (one problem is that my mouth constantly filled up with saliva and I had to swallow it and that broke me out of my trance.) we are not new to lucid dreaming we've tried this for a while now, we just can't get the last step! thoughts?


What you are attempting are WILDs (Wake Induced Lucid Dreams). These are very hard to achieve when you are a beginner. I would recommend trying to realize you are dreaming within a dream.

Read this to get started: